© 2020 by Yasmine ElMeleegy

The Fever, 2014-Ongoing


Polyester, Cloth, Cotton, Glass and Wood

Dimensions variable

The work titled “The Fever” is a mixed media installation composed of pieces of pyrex glass sculptures placed on a shelf, hanging from the wall. A large table with a massive mattress is placed in front, and laying on top of it is a black polyester cat.

The project discusses the concept of repair and functionality of the human body in Abbasaya Hospital (Cairo, Egypt) and the history of glass pharmaceutical objects.


After being infected with Malaria, I zoom in closer into the contemporary city to focus on the functionality of hospitals as both spaces that are renovated and that repair the human body. The hospital deceptively returns the individual’s body and soul to an earlier form but does so only on the surface. Simultaneously, the hospital itself is renovated and is made to look “progressive” and “modern” as to attract investors, important clients, and leading experts in the medical field. A constant attempt to renovate, return, repair, and preserve the human body, urban landscape, and memory led every restorative action to be a process of sculpting our imagined futures.