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Qalawoon's Bimerstan Giftshop,2019- Ongoing
Multimedia Installation,2019
Glass, Epoxy, Marble, Metal.

The project offer a reflection of the narratives of power that are invested in pharmaceutical artifacts, and on what happens to those narratives in an age of globalization and museology.

Transforming on of my previous project “The fever series” into an exploration of the space between objects and their history, with a new project titled “The Egyptian Pharmacy Museum”. A multi- media installation consists of a sculpted reproduction of Anatomical models, 17th and 18th century from The Pharmazie-Historisches Museum in Basel, Switzerland.


It integrates links between the Islamic Ophthalmology history of Egypt and - the Western pharmaceutical artifacts, through observing the current anatomy of Qalawoon eyes hospital’s as well as the history of scientific studies that have been used for the development of medicine and pharmaceutical objects industry. 


This was the first edition in the project and I am working towards building a new body of work based on my ongoing research.


Produced with support from MARMONIL.The research started and was partially developed during a residency at Atelier Mondial Basel, Prohelvetia Cairo in 2018.