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FINANCIAL TIMES HTSI, Eternal Egypt – a journey out of time. by Gilles Khoury.

TASAWORAT PLATFORM, A conversation with Nadia Mounir.

INDEPENDENT ARABIA,  Stephenson Pharmacy Downtown Cairo by Yasser Sultan

ARAB NEWS, THE BREAKDOWN: Yasmine El-Meleegy — ‘Scaffolding a Familiar Epoch by Nourhan Tewfik.

AMARNA COLLECTION,Bimaristan Qalawun Gift Shop, 2019

WALLPAPER MAGAZINE, Bimaristan Qalawun Gift Shop, 2019

APOLLO MAGAZINE, The international Art Magazine by Susan Moore

THIRD TEXT, By Katie Mcdougall ''Repair, Ergonomics & Quantum Physics: Reflections on how Cairo’s contemporary art scene is reviving vanishing futures''

ARTFORUM, Issue May 2018, By Dan Jakubowski.

MADAMASR,By Reham Azizeldin.

Ahram Online, Art Alert: Artist Yasmine El-Meleegy’s first solo at Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery.

CHINA DAILY, Art show addresses environmental issues at MOCA Yinchuan.


ARTFORUM,CRITICS’ PICKS “Nothing Vanishes, Everything Transforms” By Dan Jakubowski.

LE MONDE, Un Dak’Art sous le signe de la colère by Philippe Dagen.

TDC THE DAILY CRISP Magazine, 5 Essential Tips From A Visual Artist

MADAMASR,Lara Gibaly on Mass Alexandria end of year group exhibition

ATP DIARY,Voci d’artista dalla Biennale Mediterranea Milano#1

CAIRO SCENE,Meet the 9 Egyptian Artists Presenting Milan's Mediterranea Biennale

EGYPT TODAY,14 Egyptian Artists At Milan's Biennale.


Live Talk between Khaled Hourani and Yasmine El Meleegy.
On Scaffolding A Familiar Epoch, Stephenson Pharmacy, Cairo, Egypt 2021.

Interview about Scaffolding A Familiar Epoch, Stephenson Pharmacy, Cairo, Egypt 2021.

Online panel discussion between Yasmine El Meleegy, Fatma Keshk and Layla ElFarouk Organized by Maqal 'arabi moderated by Nourhan Tewfik 2021.

Exhibition tour Where Is The Fun In Contemporary Art? Cairo Gas, Egypt 2019.

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