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Organic 2013

Polyester and Corn husks, Size : 50 cm x 50 cm x h45 cm, AW Size: 256 cm x 256 cm

Future Farms is a market of the future, where the dogmas of contemporary agricultural progress are rendered futile. Future Farms is a multimedia installation that stems from an interrogation of the current landscape of agricultural progress. From intellectual property policies on seeds to international trade agreements and their impact on food insecurity, the truths present in our food landscape reveal their obsolescence. Future Farms is a multimedia installation that exposes the futility in this landscape.

The King, 2014

Polyester and Fabrics, AW Size: 40cm x 40cm

Continuing her inquiry into the Egyptian agricultural landscape, Elmeleegy envisions a possible dystopian future of famine, and looks to the history of famine in Egypt to preempt a solution. Egyptians have always been dependent on the bean plant: a humble, edible legume which serves as a substitute protein source. The bean plant has been consistently present throughout history, and its price has remained affordable, a stability that ensures this resource could save future populations in famine.

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