Futile Alterations,2016
Multimedia Installation
Wax, Cement, plaster and Wood.

MASS Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt. Curated by Wael Shawky and Berit Schuck  2016

MASS Alexandria, founded in 2010 by the Alexandria artist Wael Shawky, is located in the east-Alexandrian neighbourhood of Miami. It is a 440-sqm space housed in the basement of a residential building to provide an opportunity for independent study and learning for artists in Egypt. The basement is a shared studio, meeting, screening and performance space. Through its program, MASS Alexandria aims to complement existing art education schemes, with a focus on the conceptual aspects of artistic production. Monthly workshops, seminars and lectures are led by artists, art educators and curators. Through the exploration of contemporary artistic practices, the program also encourages students to work closely with cultural, artistic and scientific ideas in the fields of art history and theory and inter-disciplinary studies. The final group exhibition showcases work from MASS students.