Futile Alterations,2017
Multimedia Installation
Video projection, Wax, Cement, plaster and Wood.

The Nest festival curated by AlRiwaq Gallery,Bahrain 2017

This year, The Nest explores the meaning of “Appeal” which highlights the production of synthetic artwork and visual media specialising in the spaces of Block 338 in Adliya. This block is now one of the most dynamic urban centers in the heart of Manama, where its roads have recently been transformed from adjacent neighbourhoods to a shopping district filled with visitors throughout the year. Therefore, we expect that the most important challenges for the participating artists will be to absorb the energy of the space with its daily interactions, and to blend them with their creative ideas to produce works of art that they can respond to and can be discovered within normal visitor paths. We expect this project to produce unexpected and outstanding artwork that will motivate the walkers to stop and observe their surroundings, or interact with them whenever possible. We are confident that uncommon art tools are capable of achieving this "Appeal".